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League Play™ Takes
Sales Gamification To A New Level

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Helping companies represent top brands in over 50 countries

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Score Big With The World’s #1 Sales Gamification App

As a leader in software solutions for outside sales and field marketing, Outfield is the first to introduce gamification to the space. After tons of positive feedback, we are taking it to all new heights with Outfield League Play™. The league is an environment designed for sales reps to showcase their talents in a friendly and competitive way, while ultimately contributing to their company’s main goal: driving revenue performance.

Field Sales Contest Software

Boost Sales Rep Performance

90% of sales managers we surveyed said gamification had a positive impact on sales numbers and revenue. Outfield gamifies field sales to not only enhance collaboration and friendly competition among your reps, but also boost overall output up to 3x!

Leaderboard To Track Stats

Managers and sales reps have access to filterable leaderboard views to better understand the performance metrics and statistics of their reps relative to their personal bests, in addition to those of their colleagues.

Leaderboard Rep Stat Tracker
CRM Game For Sales

Enjoy The Journey!

That’s what the greats tell us. With League Play™, users have the ability go beyond sales contests and monitor their growth as salespeople, beginning from their early days as prospects all the way to their careers as experienced hall of famers. The journey is a reflection of their progress as producers for their companies while using Outfield.

Build Personal Brands

Stats are a reflection of production. With features like the Player Card, users are able to catalog their productivity and contribution over time. This allows your team members to establish reputations and demonstrate value for themselves as assets to the organization, much the same as professional athletes.

Salesman Contest & Gamification

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We lead the league in assists

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies on down to small teams. Here are just a few of our happy customers...

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"It's a great sales tool. It has helped me in prospecting new business. I just landed an account that purchases $72K/yr in Honda parts all due to the Outfield prospecting search button. My manager is stoked."

Tim McGinley, Account Manager, Right Honda & Toyota

Tim mcginley

"This app continues to save me precious time everyday, and is allowing me the ability to truly maximize every single second with my accounts! The ability to now route and OPTIMIZE my store visits is truly remarkable."

Paulie P., Territory Manager, Corr Jensen

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"This app and the software is awesome. It does not have a bunch of stuff like other CRMs that we will never use. Also their support has been amazing. Highly recommended for companies that have reps in the field!"

Ginger Allen, President, Your Marketing Liaison

Ginger allen

We’re on a mission to make field sales
simpler, smarter, and more productive.

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