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Field Sales App

Experience The Ultimate Mobile Sales Software Solution

Outfield makes it easy to discover valuable insights about your market, track + verify team activity, and communicate effortlessly across all your devices. Here's how an Inc 500 company uses Outfield to manage visits & increase sales.

Tour person 01

8:50 AM

Ben, a Cellucor field rep, checks in at a local GNC in Atlanta, Georgia & inputs his visit data.

Mobile Sales App
Tour person 02

9:07 AM

Back at headquarters, Luke verifies Ben's visit on the team's timeline and leaves some feedback.

Field Sales Software
Tour person 01

9:12 AM

Ben receives a notification from Luke and responds directly.

Mobile Sales Software
Tour person 02

10:15 AM

Luke checks his team analytics to see how store visits have impacted sales.

Outside Sales App
Outside Sales Software

Discover Valuable Insights About Your Market

Too many enterprises make sales decisions with little information about their market. You don't have to be one of them. Outfield helps you unlock crucial trends that are taking place in your market domains, ensuring that you’re making smarter business decisions...from shelf compliance to sales tactics to regional pricing. Anything.

Improve Team Synergy and Collaboration

With your team's geo-tagged visits, meetings, pictures, notes and reports all in your pocket, now you can have peace of mind knowing how your field reps are executing. Additionally, provide feedback instantly and effectively to increase the chances that set goals are reached.

Field Sales CRM
Outside Sales CRM

The Ultimate Territory Management Software Solution On-The-Go

As a field rep you’re always on-the-go. Whether your goal is to increase productivity, drive revenue, or manage your activities Outfield is your app. Here's how a field rep uses Outfield to manage accounts and save driving time.

Tour person 03

7:30 AM

Mike, a field rep, plans his day by first scanning his territory and recent activity.

Territory Manager
Tour person 03

7:50 AM

He loads up the accounts that need attention today and plans his driving route.

Route Planning App
Tour person 03

7:55 AM

To compare, he has Outfield optimize his route which reduces his driving time by 1h 15min, allowing time to visit one extra account today.

Account Management Software
Tour person 03

8:30 AM

Mike arrives at his first stop, looks at its recent activity to bring him up to speed, and starts his check in. Time to make it happen!

Territory Mapping
Route Optimizer App

Optimize Your Route

Don’t spend unnecessary time in your vehicle. Outfield gives you power over your commute. With route optimization, you have the tool to make your travels more time and resource efficient. Its ability to predict your commute based on a combination of historical data & real time events reduces your windshield time, allowing for better field execution.

Manage Accounts On-The-Go

Account management should not be tedious and time consuming. Now managing your customers is made simple. You can quickly create & attach visit activity, notes, photos, as well as maintain and access critical information about your buyers in a fashion that meets your workflow patterns.

Contact Management Software

We lead the league in assists

Trusted by Inc 500 companies on down to small teams. Here are just a few of our happy customers...

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"I use the Outfield app to not only manage my sales function, but also conduct very important safety site visits. The dual feature allows me to be on top of my daily sales activities, and also monitor and track all safety trends throughout my territory!"

Adrian Ridley, Manager, People Ready

Adrian ridley

"My outside sales reps use iPads and the mobile app to easily enter and track their visits and people leads. They simply “check in” automatically. It helps a LOT on productivity and followup."

Derrin Jones, Franchise Owner, Experimac

Derrin jones

"Outfield has really changed the way we do business. Now we have a consistent process to check on our field reps, monitor their activities, and an open communication network between the entire outside consultant force where everyone is always on the same page."

Alex Duquette, District Manager, Farmers Insurance Group

Alex duquette

We’re on a mission to make outside sales & field marketing
simpler, smarter, and more productive.

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