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Mobile Insurance Agent

Intuitive Mobile CRM

As an insurance agent, you need tools to keep up with your busy schedule without slowing you down or sacrificing functionality. Outfield’s intuitive mobile interface allows you and your teams to have meaningful touchpoints with your clients while remaining as efficient as possible in the field. Features such as contact management, tracking new client opportunities, and the scheduling of touchpoints are just a few ways insurance agents and agencies are leveraging Outfield to better serve their clients.

Transparency Into Your Book Of Business

Outfield provides tools to help you and your agents effectively manage current opportunities while continuing the hunt to expand on your client base. The pipeline management system keeps agents organized and focused on more actions that will lead to results.

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Automated Reporting on Client Interactions

Relationships with clients are the keys to success for many sales teams. Outfield simplifies the process of recapping daily activities, employee whereabouts, account notes, and sales visit time allocation. Rest easy knowing your reps are visiting with the right clients at the right times and promoting your services to the best of their abilities.

Boost Agent Performance Through A Gamified Experience

Maintaining morale while increasing revenue and client satisfaction can be a daunting task for any sales leader. Luckily, Outfield’s revolutionary gamification system, League Play™, supports an environment designed to promote healthy competition among your reps. A recent study shows that 95% of managers experience a positive impact on culture and camaraderie when a game or contest is implemented. With League Play™, you’ll see increases in both overall productivity and your team’s ability to generate revenue.

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