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We've transformed CRM into an interactive win-win partnership that prioritizes improving your team performance & increasing your bottom line.


Our performance-based CRM creates a friendly & competitive environment to both coach up your rookie reps & allow your superstars to lead by example.


Outfield is a web & mobile-based sales CRM. Our solution drives value across various levels of command, from the reps on up to high-ranking managers and C-level execs. Have a look through our solutions & product pages via the dropdown menus at the top of this page to learn how.

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Don’t get left out on the sideline. Join our worldwide community of successful sales professionals! Thousands of sales pros have joined our industry leading CRM platform to increase their engagement, collaboration, customer relationships, and most importantly - sales.

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In 2015, Austin Rolling and Adam Steele launched Outfield in the field sales space. They set out to address many of the information gaps that existed for organizations that heavily relied on outside sales and marketing team production.

Managers of field sales teams were struggling to know where their reps were actually going, how long they were spending at each location, and the quality of the visits they were making. Meanwhile, sales reps needed an easier mobile solution that would help them manage day-to-day activities.

Fast forward to today, having mastered data-driven field sales CRM, the Outfield team has taken things up a notch by building industry leading goal & Performance+ systems as well as expanding from field teams to include inside teams. Outfield helps companies all around the globe successfully manage and motivate their reps and we look forward to helping your team succeed as well.

We’re on a mission to make IT
more rewarding for reps to improve & perform well.

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