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Drive Dispensary Level Sales & Account Acquisition

We are the leading cannabis CRM specifically tailored to the nuances of the field sales, marketing, and merchandising environments. Outfield’s intuitive mobile interface provides field sales teams with the insights needed to proactively open new accounts and better manage current customers. Territory management features are in place to maximize the effectiveness of your team while providing your reps with the tools they need to work more efficiently in the field.

Transparency For Field Sales & Marketing Activities

Outfield’s reporting capabilities provide the data you need to understand how your reps are performing so that you can better manage results and KPI attainment. You can track visits to new dispensaries not carrying your products, existing customer visits, on vs off-site visits, and ensure your key accounts are routinely visited. The Outfield mobile app is the perfect cannabis CRM and allows your reps to report back to ensure your products are merchandised adequately so that you can ensure your brand is appropriately represented to consumers. With Outfield, you can genuinely get a pulse on your markets and have the visibility needed to ensure your go-to-market strategy is executed correctly.

Marijuana Field Marketing Management
Marijuana Field Marketing Management

Proactively Manage Your Demos, PAD & Budtender Educations

Dispensary activations should have a positive effect on the sell-through relationship with your accounts. Successful brands are scheduling activations with a routine cadence to drive brand awareness with consumers, create an in-store presence and build relationships with the budtenders recommending your products. Outfield provides the necessary reporting to help you understand the correlation between how often you’re running PADs, cadence, and in-store promotions so you can quantify the impact on revenue and sell-through. Best of all, such insights take the guesswork out of gauging the success of your field marketing activities.

Boost Field Team Performance With A Gamified Experience

Almost 90% of sales managers we surveyed said gamification had a positive impact on sales numbers and revenue. And of course, your account managers and brand advocates are your most important assets. If you’re looking for a cannabis CRM software designed to improve the performance of your field team, Outfield’s League Play™ is the best choice. The league is an environment designed for your field staff to showcase their talents in a friendly and competitive way, while ultimately contributing to the company’s main goal: driving revenue performance and brand awareness through gamified features.

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