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Create Brand Loyalty Through Account Management

Brand loyalty is driven by relationships which is why so many companies rely on field teams to put a face to their company and evangelize products. Consultative sales, product education, and product demos directly lead to more sales and referrals of products. Outfield provides transparency into your field team’s daily execution through real-time reporting and collaboration on their in-store activities.

Understand Your Market With Insight

Many brands in the Hair, Beauty, and Lifestyle industries have an insufficient amount of market intel to make proper strategic decisions. With Outfield’s reporting & analytics capabilities, you can take the guesswork out of the equation. Utilize aggregated business intelligence to make data-informed decisions that will propel your brand above the competition.

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Keep Up With Your Team

Boosting awareness and sales means that your team needs to be at the right places at the right times. Managers shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not their team’s activities are occurring as they should. As the best sales and marketing app for lifestyle brands, Outfield makes it easy to maintain and view employee whereabouts, account notes, nightly summaries, as well as understand which markets have the greatest brand presence. Now you can have peace of mind knowing how your field reps are promoting your products most effectively.

Gamify Your Field Activities To Boost Team Performance

Nearly 90% of sales managers see a positive impact on revenue when a game or contest is introduced to the team. With Outfield’s League Play™, your team will have access to an environment that supports healthy and friendly competition. They can also compete with themselves as they progress their Player Card through the ranks until they reach the Hall of Fame. If happier employees and more revenue is music to your ears, look no further, Outfield is here to help.

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