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Performance+ Management System To Drive Results

A customizable performance system built right into your CRM, making it easy to manage a strategy that evaluates, encourages, improves, & rewards your employees.

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Performance-Driven Goals Management System

An all-in-one performance management system that goes far beyond rewarding your team for meeting sales quotas.

Goal & Adoption Mechanics

Providing your team a CRM is an intelligent investment, but when your team underutilizes it… well, that’s a missed opportunity! You deserve a CRM that aligns your goals with your team to produce the results you want. By giving your team a fun and engaging way to use their CRM, you will also be promoting and teaching your team how follow your strategy properly and buy into it.

Performance Metrics
Employee Recognition Program

Push The Performance Envelope

Assigning goals alone won’t do the trick. Sales leaders need to maintain morale while pushing to increase revenue and client satisfaction. Outfield’s industry leading gamification system League Play™ is designed to promote healthy competition among your reps. It's an environment designed for reps to showcase their talents in a friendly and competitive way while ultimately contributing to their company’s primary goals.

Customizable Performance Metrics

Goals are one of the most critical parts of building a winning sales team. But all goals aren’t made equal. Performance+ allows you to customize and distribute goals directly within your CRM and tailor performance metrics to any member type, such as SDRs, merchandisers, account executives, and field reps. Such customizability lets you drive reps to perform at their best while you consistently track the performance of individuals, roles, teams, or even an entire department.

Customizable Performance Indicators
Performance Analytics

Measurable Results with
Instant Snapshots

Optimize and demystify performance. Prioritize your team’s efforts with up-to-the-minute access to analytics and reporting to quickly identify leaks, reveal superstars, and evaluate your team in a way that fits your strategy. Find reports that are filterable by goals, completion dates, revenue, and more within your purpose built performance system.

Quickly Engage and Incentivize

Motivation doesn’t just happen on its own; it’s built over time by challenging yourself and your team. With a “Crawl, Walk, Run” mentality, you can build team confidence and capability over time by creating small goals that mature into impactful milestones for your team to hit. Start pushing your team to new heights NOW!

Sales Incentives

Customer-Facing Team Management Solutions

Performance-Based CRM

Outfield is pioneering a performance-based approach that prioritizes improving team engagement & production.
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Goal & Performance Management

Our goal & performance management systems have become completely unmatched in the industry...going far beyond sales quotas.

Sales Gamification

Behavioral psychology driven game mechanics creating a friendly & competitive environment to coach rookies & let superstars lead.
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Territory Management

Easily manage accounts & touchpoints on-the-go, colorize maps, conditional forms, business card scanner, works offline, & more.
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Non-Intrusive Rep Tracking

The perfect compromise between employee freedom & the necessary GPS driven accountability to drive your revenue goals.
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Sales & Account Mapping

Visualize & uncover your best opportunities, effortlessly prospect for new leads, discover regional insights, & boost your sales numbers.
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Route Planning

Reduce your windshield time, optimize routes in seconds, manage visits & mileage on-the-go.
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Calendar & Scheduler

An easy-to-use calendar & task reminder system to stay on top of your planning & scheduling...and even tie it to your goals & KPIs.

Order & Inventory Manager

Take orders both on & off site, create & send invoices, track inventory to anticipate demand surges, analyze revenue performance, & more.

Team Chat

Instantly communicate with your entire team or any subgroup. Speed up your workflows, provide quality feedback, share files, & more.

Sales Pipeline Management

Manage your sales process on one screen, easily drag-and-drop opportunities from stage to stage, & tailor it to your unique workflow to uncover the key factors impacting your top line goals.
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Trusted by Fortune 500 companies on down to small teams. Here are just a few of our happy customers...

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"It's a great sales tool. It has helped me in prospecting new business. I just landed an account that purchases $72K/yr in Honda parts all due to the Outfield prospecting search button. My manager is stoked."

Tim McGinley, Account Manager, Right Honda & Toyota

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"This app continues to save me precious time everyday, and is allowing me the ability to truly maximize every single second with my accounts! The ability to now route and OPTIMIZE my store visits is truly remarkable."

Paulie P., Territory Manager, Corr Jensen

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"This app and the software is awesome. It does not have a bunch of stuff like other CRMs that we will never use. Also their support has been amazing. Highly recommended for companies that have reps in the field!"

Ginger Allen, President, Your Marketing Liaison

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Fetching The Latest From The Playbook

We’re on a mission to make Performance Management
more rewarding for reps to improve & perform well.

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