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Optimized Patient Referral Management System

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Identify New Referral Sources

Healthcare Providers are everywhere, and it can be tough to identify which offices you should focus your business development efforts on. Outfield’s prospecting capability allows you to identify the best potential referrers near you so your team stays efficient with their time.

Focus On Patient Care & Eliminate Busy Work

It may take six months to a year before you can get a meeting with a physician, referring nurse, or decision-maker. Give your team the tools they need to have a significant impact on their referral sources. A field marketing app should make life easier, not bog you down with busy work. With Outfield’s intuitive interface and organization tools, marketers and sellers can easily reference their previous visit notes and business development efforts. This allows for the best positioning to provide quality patient care at all times.

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Hold Your Team Accountable

Boosting the number of referrals your organization receives is dependent upon a strong presence in your market. Verify the impact that your field team has in a given market with heat maps, summary reports, and non-intrusive on-site verification. With Outfield’s accountability tools, you’ll no longer question whether or not your team is promoting your service or product as best they can.

Drive More Patient Referrals with a Gamified Experience

More than 90% of reps see an increase in motivation when gamification is introduced. Outfield’s League Play™, establishes an environment conducive to friendly competition, which our studies show leads to increased performance and effectiveness in the field. With the league’s leaderboards, you can identify who your top performers are and reward them for their efforts in the field. As a by-product, you’ll see patient referrals increase and company goals met.

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