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Discover the world's #1 CRM software for industrial Ccmpanies, fine-tuned for field sales & merchandising.

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Drive Productivity and Enhance Sales Performance

Outfield’s mobile app helps manufacturing companies by assisting their reps to drive business development efforts while proactively managing their territory. Tools such as routing, territory mapping, prospecting, and activity tracking enable reps to proactively manage and grow their territories. With Outfield’s intuitive mobile interface, industrial and manufacturing sales teams across the world are streamlining their touchpoints and reports to management. Accountability and KPI management features are in place to ensure your team is making an impact from their sales activities.

Produce Organized Reporting Around Field Activities

With Outfield’s Reporting and Exporting capabilities, our customers no longer need to spend time on daily recaps. That time is now being spent where it matters most, on-site developing customer relationships. Outfield’s Automated Reports provide daily, weekly, and monthly recaps on what’s been happening in the field without added work for reps. Additionally, Outfield provides robust analytics on customer visits, time allocation, sales KPIs, and revenue for companies to make educated adjustments to their manufacturing and industrial sales operation.

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Distribution Pipeline CRM

Monitor Field Sales Efforts With The Deal Pipeline

Do you know the status of your opportunities in opening new accounts and pushing deals forward? You deserve to have a better understanding of where new or closeable business opportunities lie within their sales cycle. With Outfield’s Deal Pipeline, field reps enter in their leads, qualify them, and close deals all from their mobile devices. In the office, you can view a global pipeline to monitor average deal size, time to close, and revenue performance over time.

Boost Productivity & Drive Culture with Gamification

It’s no secret that a positive work environment breeds success. 95% of organizations we interviewed utilizing gamification say that it positively impacts their company culture and camaraderie. Furthermore, almost 90% of sales managers see an increase in sales & revenue with the addition of a game or contest. With Outfield’s League Play™, your team enters into an arena that promotes healthy and friendly competition while simultaneously driving revenue performance and other company goals. There’s no denying that Sales is a Sport; Compete Together, Win Together.

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