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CRM Software Platform With Goal Tracking

Rather than a CRM that is detached from your challenges and goals...

We build a win-win partnership where we work with you to set & achieve your CRM goals.

While traditional CRMs always charge you full price regardless of effectiveness...

We put our money where our mouth is & offer commission-style pricing based on performance & achieved goals.

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Dispensary CRM Software

Reps are normally indifferent to CRMs. Not with us...

We make it a rewarding experience where superstar performers emerge.

From Data-Driven Analyzers To High Energy Leaders,
Outfield Has A Plan For You

Outfield is helping thousands of people succeed in field marketing, inside & outside sales, merchandising, & inspections. Read on to see how two contrasting managers use our industry leading CRM to achieve their goals

Traditional Plan

Tour person stephanie

Stephanie works at a consumer electronics company & has a team of 46 committed sales reps who service customers in various territories.

Tour person stephanie

She’s having a difficult time understanding sales pipeline + customer data and is looking for a CRM to help her better track & analyze rep activity.

Gamified CRM App
Mike perlberg

Mike from Outfield works with Stephanie to implement solutions for:
1. GPS tracking her reps in the field & verifying touchpoints in-office
2. Managing her pipeline & tying it to revenue
3. Saving her time with automated analytics & reports as well as saving her reps windshield time with route optimization

Account Management Software
Tour person stephanie

Based on her use case, Stephanie opts for a standard Outfield pricing tier & pays for licenses at a fixed monthly rate.

Territory Mapping App
Tour person stephanie

With peace-of-mind around rep accountability & deeper insights into her team's activity + results, Stephanie is able to make data-driven business moves to increase output.

Performance-Based Plan

Tour person casey

Casey runs a 12 person sales team in the insurance industry. Although he's faced with similar challenges to Stephanie, his pains go further. Team adoption is low & he hasn't been able to attribute any performance gains to his CRM, yet he still pays full price.

Mike perlberg

Mike from Outfield shows him the performance-based plan & he decides it’s a good fit because the amount he pays is tied to hitting company goals.

Field Sales Software
Tour person casey

Casey rolls it out to his team and sets his touchpoint & revenue goals with an assist from Mike.

Mobile Sales Software
Mike perlberg

Mike then helps him take it up a notch. They work together to design a sales competition to improve team buy in & add some flavor + excitement.

Tour person casey

Next month Casey's team is hitting their stride & are enjoying the friendly, competitive culture he has created. These team motivation gains have led to a 20% increase in production.

CRM Sales Software
Tour person casey

From here on, not only is Casey leveraging his team's activity & KPI data, but he is also continuing to work with Mike to fine-tune his team performance system, develop productivity gains, & reward top performers.

We Lead The League In Assists

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies on down to small teams. Here are just a few of our happy customers...

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"This app and the software is awesome. It does not have a bunch of stuff like other CRMs that we will never use. Also their support has been amazing. Highly recommended for companies that have reps in the field!"

Ginger Allen, President, Your Marketing Liaison

Ginger allen

"It's a great sales tool. It has helped me in prospecting new business. I just landed an account that purchases $72K/yr in Honda parts all due to the Outfield prospecting search button. My manager is stoked."

Tim McGinley, Account Manager, Right Honda & Toyota

Tim mcginley

"I use the Outfield app to not only manage my sales function, but also conduct very important safety site visits. The dual feature allows me to be on top of my daily sales activities, and also monitor and track all safety trends throughout my territory!"

Adrian Ridley, Manager, People Ready

Adrian ridley

Easily Integrate With 4000+ Apps Out-Of-The-Box

Save time by automating your workflows. Outfield makes it easy to link any of the important actions you perform in Outfield with your other business apps. Here are just a few of the many possibilities.



Closing a deal in Outfield creates an invoice in QuickBooks
Google calendar


Adding a Google Cal event adds a stop to your route in Outfield


New form submission in Hubspot creates a lead in Outfield
Microsoft outlook


Adding a meeting in Outfield sends a followup email via Outlook
Google sheets


Updating an account row in Google Sheets syncs to Outfield


New quote in Xero creates an account note in Outfield

We’re on a mission to make CRM
more rewarding for reps to improve & perform well.

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