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Discover Valuable Insights About Your Market

Too many companies make marketing decisions with little information about their market. You don't have to be one of them. With reporting and analytics to support your field marketing programs, Outfield provides valuable data around trends that are taking place in your market domains, ensuring that you’re making smarter business decisions.

Easily Follow Your Team

In management sometimes it’s difficult to stay on top of the activities of your field sales force. Outfield makes it easy to manage and view employee whereabouts, account notes, nightly summaries, as well as understand which markets are experiencing the most penetration. Now you can have peace of mind knowing how your field reps are executing.

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Stay Connected With Your Team

No sifting through old email chains to find the information or contacts you want. Instead, provide feedback to activity photos, notes, visit updates, and reports instantly and effectively to increase the chances that set goals are reached.

Gamify The Playing Field

Who said that outside sales shouldn’t be fun? Nobody! Outfield is the first app to gamify the field sales and marketing experience. Boost overall output up to 3x through collaboration and friendly competition among your reps.

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We’re on a mission to make outside sales & marketing
simpler, smarter, and more productive.

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